Mark House Publishing

Begun in 2012, Mark House Publishing is a cooperative effort of writers and artists in the Seattle area to bring to the market publications of particular interest to the Pacific Northwest.  The founders have known each other as members of the education and arts community in Seattle and worked together on various projects or in various schools for a decade or more.

While producing works for the print medium is harrowing in today’s marketplace, it also may be true that producing work for a smaller, more identifiable audience becomes achievable given the advances in digital technology.  The intention of Mark House Publishing is to make available what we know in a way that entertains and fascinates those who love the Northwest as we do.

Mark House Publishing is interested in manuscripts in a digital format that deal with an aspect of Northwest life or bring to the fore the work of a Northwest writer or artist.  Queries should be sent with SASE to Editors, Mark House Publishing, P.O. Box 47409, Seattle, WA 98146.


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